Domenico Luca Scordino

Founding Partner


GLS Global

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Luca is the founding partner of ELLED Law Firm, a leading law firm in Italy and GLS Law's associate law firm in Italy. Luca was involved as T-shaped lawyer in some of the biggest transactions in Italy and Europe of latest 20 years. Expert in Commercial, M&A and Corporate Law, he assists one of the top ten collecting companies in the world in copyright sector. Luca has been involved in many financial/banks mergers and infrastructure privatization. He is still the record holder of the biggest IT outsourcing (by size) in Europe and biggest arbitration procedure in Italy. Further, Luca assists clients in high specialized financing contract and real estate transactions, telecommunication sector (GSM, UMTS, etc.), international construction contracts (FIDIC) as well as in energy sector and transactions (EPC, PPA, EFET, etc.).

Indicative Experience

Italy / USA: Advised the largest bank group in Italy on an outsourcing contract valued more than 1.5 billion Euros.

Italy / EU: Advised 1 of the largest infrastructure companies in the European Union on a privatisation (2.5 billion Euros).

Italy: Advised on the incorporation of the 2nd mobile operator in Italy.

Italy: Advised on the UTMS bid procedure in Italy (6.3 billion Euros).

Italy: Advised on film production contracts and the entertainment sector in general.

Italy: Advised on the merger of some of the largest publishers in Italy which were listed companies.

Italy: Advised on business crises and bankruptcy procedures relating to companies in the industrial and construction sector.

East EU: Advised on engineering, procedure and construction (EPC) issues relating to FIDIC contracts for dams and power plants in East Europe.

East EU: Advised on power purchase agreements and transportation agreements.

Italy / EU: Advised on national and international arbitration procedures.

Italy / EU: Advised on financial loan agreements valued for more than 1 billion Euros.

Italy: Advised on the incorporation of financial funds (1 billion Euros).

Italy: Advised on the incorporation of real estate funds (400 million Euros).

Italy: Advised the largest Italian studios on an M&A transaction.

Italy: Advised on museum management & construction, SPA/donation contracts and restoration concerning works of art.

Professional Qualifications

Lawyer - Admitted to the Supreme Court jurisdiction (Italy)

Prior Positions

Ripa di Meana e associati studio legale (Rome, Milan)

Founding Partner


Northwestern University, Pritzker School of Law, Chicago

Executive LLM (with Honours)

IE University, Madrid

Certificate in Business Administration

Università LaSapienza, Roma

Degree in Law (110/110 summa cum laude)

Key Strengths

Effective team leader

Quick thinking


Focused on getting things done


Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital Markets

IP, Commercialisation

IP, Copyright

IP, Trademarks


International Trade, Customs, and Finance

Media, Entertainment and Sports